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August 9, 2013

Philly Airport Parking and Shuttle Services That Aren’t What You’re Used To

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If you’ve flown often from the Philadelphia airport, chances are you’ve used at least a couple of Philly airport parking and shuttle services.  If you’ve experienced problems (can’t get a shuttle when you need one, feel the parking area lacks as far as security goes, etc.), your probably think all are alike, so there isn’t really much point in making a change.  At Smart Park, we disagree.  We are the Philly airport parking and shuttle services you can count on in every area of service.  Yes, our shuttles run on demand, and yes, our parking grounds are safe and secure.

Not only in this industry but in most others as well, customer service just isn’t what it was years ago.  With modern technology come cell phones, internet, games, Facebook and other things that often distract employees.  Unfortunately, the distractions affect customers most, and you often have a hard time getting someone to wait on you because they’re just too busy doing other things.  With our Philly airport parking and shuttle services, this is not the case.  Our staff members are focused on the customer, friendly, and ready to help you at any time.

What about shuttles?  If you’ve traveled more than a time or two, chances are you’ve become very frustrated either trying to get a shuttle to take you to the airport, or felt you’ve had to wait too long upon your return for a shuttle to pick you up and deliver you back to your car.  Our Philly airport parking and shuttle services offer shuttles that run on demand, so when you need one, it’s there pronto.

Parking is a real area of concern.  Considering the price of a vehicle today, no one wants to leave their vehicle in an area that may or may not be so secure.  Our Philly airport parking and shuttle services offer parking that is safe and secure, full fencing around the perimeter and brightly lit.  Employees walk and drive the grounds around the clock, so there is no need to worry while you are away.

Free roadside assistance, lock-out service and discounts on our already low prices.  When you can have it all for the same price, why would you put up with the headaches?  Our Philly airport parking and shuttle services definitely aren’t what you’re used to!  Give us a try, we think you’ll agree – there is simply no other choice.

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