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August 9, 2013

What Makes PHL Airport Parking and Shuttle Services Stand Apart from the Rest?

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Airport parking at PHL as well as shuttle service companies are often similar in many respects, but there is one that stands apart from the rest for several reasons, including safer parking, better customer service, and shuttles you can rely on – Smart Park.  We’ve been in business for years, earned several awards for outstanding customer service, and there’s good reason why.  We’re simply superior to all the rest, and believe in the best possible customer experience.

How do our PHL airport parking and shuttle services soar above the rest?

Secure parking you can rely on.  Our parking grounds are extremely safe and secure, fenced all around and brightly illuminated for customer safety, and protection of your vehicle.  Our employees walk and drive the grounds around the clock, 365 days each year.  While there are many worries related to traveling, whether or not your vehicle is safe doesn’t have to be one of them!

Shuttles that don’t leave you exasperated.  We understand that shuttles get a bad rap, and for good reason.  It’s frustrating when all you want is a shuttle to get you to the airport in time for your flight, and you can’t find one anywhere – or, they’re all packed to the brim.  Our shuttles run on demand, so they’re always at your disposal.  In fact, our driver will follow you while you park your vehicle, then load your bags and whisk you away to the airport safely, and with ample time left over to make it to your departure gate without running for your life.

Outstanding customer service.  Our PHL airport parking and shuttle services can boast outstanding customer service, something most cannot do today.  In fact, there are few companies in any industry that can brag about their customer service departments!  Our employees are dedicated to one thing – making the customer’s experienced as pleasant as possible by answering questions and addressing any issues you may have.  You won’t find our staff members talking on the phone, playing games on mobile devices, or texting when they should be working.

Not only do we excel in all of these areas, we offer free lockout services and roadside assistance, so you never have to worry should you lock your keys in your car or have a flat tire.  Unlike other PHL airport parking and shuttle services, we don’t just take your money – we’re dedicated to making your travel experience one that is pleasant and relaxed, not filled with worry!

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