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November 23, 2009

Who Said Efficiency doesn’t go with Style?

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When you hear the phrase “a fuel efficient car”, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind, is an ugly car. It is true that many things including cars and trucks, designed for efficiency in one area or another are not very attractive or stylish for that matter. A Honda Civic however has broken from this trend and is now amongst the leading manufacturers of some of the most stylish and fuel efficient vehicles in the global market.

Honda has a long standing history of producing vehicles that have gained popularity around the world because of their economic consumption of fuel. The company has begun to shift more attention to the design of its models. The release of the 2006 eighth generation model was evidence that efficiency and style can mix, and mix well.

Due to the new emphasis on style, the 2006 models do not have as much rear leg room and trunk capacity as its predecessors. It is available in the coupe and sedan designs. The new features that were brought in to make the Civic appeal to the more fashionable car owners are the reduced back and front overhangs and a more laid-back windshield. Also, the wheelbase was made even shorter than its predecessor.

Those seeking more power and speed will be glad to know that the manufacturers increased the horsepower on all the models of the eighth generation. A 1.8 liter SOHC engine powers all the models. The horsepower produced by the engine is about 140 and it further produces a torque of 128 pound-feet. To many Honda Civic enthusiasts, this is a great improvement from previous models. The Civic Si hatchback for example was not very popular amongst car buyers. This was because its performance was disappointing.

The coupe version of the 2006 Honda Civic is even more enticing to anyone planning to purchase a car that is stylish, fast and economical in fuel consumption. The engine in this car is even more powerful reaching up to 197-hp. The car features sport-tuned suspension and is a six-speed manual. The Civic Hybrid Sedan is more suitable for those seeking style and economic fuel consumption alone. The system used in the sedan is like other civics i.e. The IMA (integrated motor assist) system developed by Honda. This system utilizes a 1.3 liter four cylinder engine with a single-overhead cam. Its mileage increases to about 50 mpg with a combined horsepower of up 110. The secret behind the Civics’ fuel efficiency is that the engine is built to shut down when the car decelerates or when it is cruising steadily. The motor therefore propels the car on its own. This is similar to the mechanism employed in the Toyota Prius.

You can start saving money today. Invest in a Honda Civic and start counting the pennies you save. Style and efficiency can go hand in hand. If you thought that saving on fuel would mean buying an old or ugly car, the Honda Company is out to prove you wrong. If you desire to save money, the environment and still look good, go to your nearest car dealer and ask about the 2006 Civic models.

Need to Bullet Proof Your Car?

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An article in the online site, Asylum, written by Dan Soloman, appeared today, November 19, 2009, and began with the line, ‘Family Armor’ Premiers Tonight With Mormons and Bulletproof Cars. The article introduces a new reality television show that features a Mormon family that refits cars with armor to make them bulletproof.

The show is about the Texas Armoring Corporation, a company in San Antonio. The CEO and President of the company is Trent Kimball. His brother-in-law, Jason Forston is the co-manager of the shop.

Currently, Forston and Kimball explained, they are working to armor a 2009 Rolls Royce Phantom. What other kinds of cars do they armor?

Forston said they work on almost any kind of car. He said they work on everything, right on down to a Mini Cooper. They cannot armor something as tiny as a Smart Car, though, because the engine couldn’t support the weight. They include Armored Mercedes, Lexus, Ford, Toyota, Suburban and Trucks.They’ve done very commonplace cars, like a Toyota Camry. They said you would expect that athletes and movie stars would bring in Ferraris and the like, but often they want to drive something that they will blend in with. Armored Cars and armored vehicles such as suv’s and lexus are a growing business.

Forston said that people assume their clients are gangsters and drug dealers. He said that’s not true. Every vehicle they prepare that is to be exported requires the client’s full name and information to be sent to the government. He said they mostly work for celebrities, diplomats, and kings and queens.  He said they do work for a lot of regular people, like doctors, and lawyers, as well.

Kimball drives an Escalade, which isn’t armored. That many change if the new television show makes him a star.

The Article in Asylum goes on to say that they asked Forston who are some of the clients they’ve worked for. He was quoted as saying, “I’d love to tell you, but I can’t. But I’ll tell you what — if you look at the list of the Forbes 100 wealthiest people in the world, you’ll see some of their names.”

Can a family running a car armoring business sustain a reality television show? I guess we’ll see. Forston said we do live in a dangerous world, but unless unless you are a likely target, you can probably get by with just tinting your windows.

November 20, 2009

History Of One Of The Most Famous Jewels In The World

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Perhaps the most famous jewel in the world is what we now call the Hope Diamond. It has an amazing history.

A French merchant, Jean-Baptisted Tavernier, is believed to have come into possession of a great blue diamond in India. Thus it became known as the Tavernier Blue Diamond. It was triangular-shaped and weighed in at 115 carats.

In 1669 Tavernier sold the stone to Louis XIV. Louis kept it in its as he received it until 1678. He had the stone re-cut by the court jeweler, a man named Sieur Pitau. Pitau cut the diamond into a stone of 69 carats. It was worn as a pin, and called the French Blue, or the blue Diamond of the Crown.

In 1749 it was set as a pendant. After that, the trouble began. During the French Revolution, thieves who broke into the Royal Storehouse stole the French Blue.

Twenty years later a stone of the same color and shape was in the possession of a London diamond merchant. His name was Daniel Eliason. This is the first record of the diamond that we know today as the Hope Diamond. Speaking for myself, i tend to prefer nice contemporary jewelry such as silver, copper, leather and even wood jewelry I mean, there is just something about unique, handmade or artisan jewelry that really floats my boat. Having said that, though, I am not really a jewelry designer and I only usually wear cufflinks and sometimes leather or wood jewelry, depending on my mood at the time.

A medallion containing the stone appeared in a catalog of a man named Henry Phillip Hope. After Hope’s death, the diamond was handed down to his oldest nephew. For the next couple of decades the diamond spent most of its time in a bank vault. It had a few outings, such as a trip to be displayed at the Paris Exhibition of 1855, and one to the Great Exhibition of London in 1851.

The nephew who had inherited the Hope Diamond left it to his wife, and she in turn left it to her son, in 1884. The Hope Diamond passed on to that son, Henry Francis, who wood one day became Lord Francis Hope.

In 1901,the big spender, Lord Francis Hope sold the gem to a jewelry merchant. The stone was bought and sold a few more times, but finally ended up with of Pierre Cartier – of the famous Cartier jewelers.

Pierre Cartier sold the stone to wealthy Evalyn Walsh McLean. She wore it often and there exist photographs of her with it around her neck. Mrs. McLean died in 1947. Upon her death, her jewels were to settle her indebted estate. The diamond, become the property of Harry Winston. Winston was a famous diamond merchant in New York. In 1958, he ended up donating The Hope to the Smithsonian.

In a fascinating announcement, which came on February 9, 2005, following a research program, the Smithsonian confirmed that the big blue diamond in their possession was originally part of the French Blue diamond. The Hope Diamond has had many stories connected with it, including deaths and tragedies surrounding its various owners.

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November 19, 2009

Denver Seeing Blizzard Early This Year

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I had just got back into my cozy Denver hotel room when I found this out:
Interstate 70 from just east of Denver to the Kansas state line was shut down today, October 29, 2009, due to blizzard conditions on the Eastern Plains from east of the city to the Kansas state line. Kyle Fredin, spokesman for the National Weather Service, was quoted as saying, “The winds are starting to crank up as this low exits.” In both directions– from Airpark Road to the state line, the Colorado Department of Transportation said.

36 mph wind gusts are dropping visibilty on the plains. In areas visibility has been cut to less than a quarter of a mile. For the Front Range, snow may be expected to continue, but will decrease to snow showers as the storm moves east across the plains. As na aside if you get stuck in Denver due to bad weather or any other reason and you need a good Denver Hotel room then may I suggest the Hilton Gardenn Inn, which is located downtown near the 16th street mall and near pepsi center. I highly recommend their Denver hotel rooms for your stay.

18 miles northeast of downtown Denver, a deep low-pressure system is advancing from southern Colorado into western Kansas. The Denver International Airport is reporting hours of delays as the blizzard conditions cover the airport this afternoon. In addition to all of this, a Denver Blizzard Caused some Back Ups for Frontier, United and Other airlines. Specifically, Frontier Airlines reported up to four-hour delays, with winds blowing snow 20-30 miles per hour with even higher sporadic gusts. The airline said the airport was struggling to maintain the runways and were being used only minimally. Further, Frontier said they had to cancel their flights this morning, in and out of Denver. Frontier does not expect any more cancellations at this time.

United Airlines was forced to cancel half of its 400 flights today, and Frontier cancelled 19. United spokesman, Charlie Hobart, said that out of six runways, only two are being used.

There were hundreds of accidents around Denver today, thankfully all of them minor. Some traffic was halted altogether by the conditions that made for dangerous driving in the area.

The Denver area is expected to experience snow until Saturday night. The Colorado Rockies playoff game against the Philadelphia Phillies has been postponed.

South of Denver in Colorado Springs, 20 to 30 vehicles were involved in a multicar crash on southbound I-25 near South Nevada Street at around 6:15 a.m., police reported. The I-25 freeway was blocked. A detour at Exit 140 was set up.

November 10, 2009

PHL Airport Parking & Shuttle Services Offer Security and More!

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Do you travel from Philadelphia on a regular basis?  If you do, you may have noticed that many PHL airport parking and shuttle services leave much to be desired.  In our modern times, getting treated with respect and great customer care is a rarity, which is truly a shame.  You can have a good experience with airport facilities!

Just parking your car can often be stressful enough.  Whether you park it yourself or have valet service do it for you, you often find yourself wondering about the security of the area.  Will your vehicle be safe?  What if you return to see that someone has scratched or dented your car?  These are things that no traveler should have to worry about.

When you choose an exceptional PHL airport parking and shuttle service, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be untouched and in good repair when you return from your trip.  A car is a large investment for most people, and one you want protected.  Staff members monitor the parking area around the clock, and the security fence and bright lighting insure that your belongings are totally safe and secure.

Shuttles are another area of concern for many people when they travel.  Once your car is parked and you are ready to head to the airport, are you going to have to wait for the shuttle to pick you up?  If you choose an award winning facility, you can be sure that the shuttle will nearly beat you to the parking area, and will be waiting to carry you and your baggage to the airport right away.  Not only this, friendly staff members who care actually greet you!

It is truly a shame that so many PHL airport parking and shuttle services leave customers with a bad taste in their mouth.  You should be able to travel for business or pleasure and not worry about the little things!  Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you leave on a trip, these minor details never had to enter your mind?  This is possible, especially when you choose a facility that is located in one of the safest, most secure areas of town.

Are you ready to experience a real difference? The next time you fly, change your habits.  Instead of using the facility that makes you a little uncomfortable, choose PHL airport parking and shuttle services that are unlike any other!  Once you make the change, you will never go back.  Exceptional security and timeliness give you peace of mind like you have never experienced before.

Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Missouri

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Whether you are guilty or innocent, you want the guidance of someone who knows how frightened and confused you may be.  These types of cases truly are frightening, and you may not know what the procedures are or what to expect.  A well-respected and experienced Kansas City criminal defense attorney knows that you have many questions, and want to know what is going to happen to your future.  He will make certain that whatever the outcome, it is the absolute best that can be expected.

Law enforcement officials, police, and investigators often make mistakes or overlook key pieces of evidence.  You need guidance, so that you know what to say and what not to say in your own defense.  One thing you should avoid at all costs is speaking to police or anyone else before contacting a lawyer, because this often works against you.  Have you been accused of a crime?  Many lawyers offer free consultations, so that you can determine a plan of action.  Contact the best available Kansas City criminal defense attorney you can find, and start working on a plan of attack to insure your future is as bright as possible!

Soy Candles Are Gaining In Popularity

Have you ever noticed how good people look by candlelight? Have you ever
noticed how a flickering candle is simply relaxing? I think maybe it is
ingrained in us from evolving through tens of thousands of years along
side fire.

I’m crazy about candles, but I’m picky about the scents. Some I love, and
some I can’t stand. I like vanilla the best, and strawberry. Certain
scents seem too musky to me. I don’t much care for scents with names like
Sandalwood. But, some people love those kinds of scents.

Did you know that trimming the wick of a candle can keep it from smoking?
Did you know that candles used to be made from tallow?

Soy candles are made from soy wax. Soy wax is made from hydrogenated
soybean oil-but don’t let that scare you-you’re not going to eat them!
Soy wax is not made from petroleum, like paraffin, which is a
non-renewable product. Candles made of soy wax do not increase the CO2
level in the atmosphere when they are burned. Soy wax candles can last
longer-almost 50% longer-than traditional paraffin candles. All in all, I
really prefer the soy wax candles overall.

Soy candles are also non-toxic and less likely to trigger allergic
reactions. With all the allergens that come at us from so many sources,
isn’t it great to eliminate one?

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