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June 14, 2010

Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Athens Ohio Restaurant

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Recently, Athens City and County Health Department officials have been investigating an outbreak of salmonella food poisoning in Athens OH.  Chuck Hammer, administrator, states that to date 12 people have developed symptoms after eating at Casa Lopez restaurant on East State Street.

According to Hammer, six have been hospitalized and positive test results have come back on three of the individuals involved.  So far, investigations done at Casa Lopez have uncovered nothing that would warrant closing the restaurant, and Casa Lopez remains a licensed operation.  Several items were taken from the restaurant for testing.  Hammer also stated that many of the victims have what he calls a similar food history.

Update:  As of May 8, press reports state that 22 people have become ill after eating at Casa Lopez.  According to the health department, each one of the people ate at the restaurant over the weekend, but there has yet to be anything discovered that reveals the contamination source.

Now, positive confirmations of salmonella have been seen in 7 of he cases reported.  Results are pending on the rest, but customers of the restaurant feel that the source of the salmonella contamination was brought in to the restaurant, and that the outbreak was not due to anything that Casa Lopez did wrong.

Salmonella food poisoning usually results in only mild symptoms in healthy individuals, but can become a serious concern in certain groups of people.  Young children, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems are most at risk of developing serious complications.  If you suspect salmonella food poisoning, seek medical attention. If you find yourself in need of a salmonella attorney, consider visiting Brown Chiari.

Common symptoms of salmonella include diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps and occasionally fever.  These symptoms generally last only a few days in healthy individuals.

June 8, 2010

Facing Federal Drug Charges? A Kansas City Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Fight Aggressively for Your Rights

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When you are facing federal or felony drug charges, it is imperative that you have a reputable Kansas City criminal defense lawyer on your side.  If this is your first offense, you have no idea what you are up against or how to fight it.  A good attorney understands the laws in depth, and will do all in his power to defend your freedom and your rights. Ockclaw also represents clients as a Kansas City DUI attorney

You may not realize it, but your reputation and ability to keep your job or find employment in the future may be at stake.  When you are accused of federal or felony drug offenses, it literally affects you whole life – and that of your family.  Without a seasoned Kansas City criminal defense lawyer on your side, your chances of beating the charges are dismal at best.  You need an attorney with vast experience in this area; one who has helped thousands of people before you achieve a favorable outcome.

If you do have prior convictions, matters are even more serious.  There may be years added to your prison sentence, stiff penalties, or both.  You may not be aware of the fact, but simply being in possession of a small amount of a controlled substance can trigger federal crime charges.  You may have been caught with a small amount of cocaine, marijuana or methamphetamines, thinking you had nothing to worry about.  Depending on weight, possession of drugs can land you in federal prison for years.

If you are stopped and law enforcement finds guns or other weapons on top of the illegal drugs you possess, you are in a very serious situation that requires legal assistance.  A highly regarded Kansas City criminal defense lawyer is your best bet, and can negotiate agreements so that either charges are dropped, or you spend considerably less time in prison.  You desire a favorable outcome, and you need effective legal representation on your side.

Don’t go in to this blind – your future, your reputation, and your family hang in the balance!  Before you take one step or do anything regarding the accusations or charges against you, contact the best Kansas City criminal defense lawyer in the area, who will fight aggressively on your behalf to ensure that the outcome for you is positive.  It is the smartest move you can make to protect your rights.

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