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May 10, 2011

Industry, CA Big Rig Accident Leaves Two Women Dead

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On March 3rd of this year two women were killed when a big rig crashed through a center divider on an Industry, California freeway and ended up on the wrong side of the freeway according to authorities.

The accident happened at about 1:40 in the morning as the big rig made its way from the transition road on southbound San Gabriel (605) Freeway to the westbound 60 Freeway when the rig crashed through the median.  The truck collided with a silver Nissan Sentra, setting it on fire and trapping the two females inside according to Francisco Villalobos, a California Highway Patrol Officer.

Several motorists left their cars and tried to assist the women who appeared to be in their late 40′s.  The women were reportedly sisters.  Drivers attempted to pull the two women from the car unsuccessfully, and according to Villalobos they were pronounced dead at the scene.  The driver of the big rig was not seriously injured, but was transported to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries suffered in the crash.

It took over 7 hours for the wreckage and other debris to be removed from the road, and investigators examined the scene before lanes were reopened at approximately 8:30 a.m.  At the time of the crash, it was not known what caused the big rig to crash through the median.

While it isn’t known whether the driver was at fault in the crash or exactly what happened to cause the big rig to plow through the center median, it is tragic that two sisters who were still young lost their lives in the wreckage.

Speed could have been a factor, or the driver may have lost control, fallen asleep at the wheel or even been overly tired and not alert until it was too late.  There are many things that can come in to play in an accident involving a big truck, but all too often those in smaller vehicles pay the price, either through serious injuries or even death, just as this tragedy proved.

There are many safe drivers of big rigs on the road, but there are just as many who are careless.  Big trucks are dangerous, and often cause catastrophic accidents.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident caused by a big rig, contact the Buffalo truck accident attorneys at Brown Chiari.

What Can You Expect From the Preferred PHL Airport Parking and Shuttle Services Facility?

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While you might assume that all PHL airport parking and shuttle services are basically alike, there is one exception – Smart Park.  What should you expect from the facility you choose?  Extremely safe parking grounds, superior customer service and shuttles that get you to and from the airport in a quick, safe manner.  Is that too much too ask?  We don’t think so.  In fact, that is why we are rated #1 for great customer service!  We deliver on the promises we make, plain and simple.

Have you ever been delivered to the airport in a shuttle that feels as though it’s running on two wheels?  Shuttles can be a huge source of frustration for many people.  You want to get to the airport – all in one piece.  You also want to be picked up upon your return in a timely fashion.  Why wait for 20 or 30 minutes to be delivered back to your car when you can be picked up in only 5 to 10 minutes?  Most travelers are tired, weary and ready to be on their way.  As a premier PHL airport parking and shuttle services facility, we are efficient and get you back to your car so that you can go on about your business.

You may drive a 2000 Honda Accord or a 2011 Lexus.  No matter what type of car you drive, it is your method of transportation – and you want it protected at all costs!  Our PHL airport parking and shuttle services offer the most secure parking available today.  Not only are all parking grounds (valet and self-parking) brightly lit and securely fenced, staff members monitor all areas around the clock, both on foot and by shuttle.  You can rest easy knowing that one concern you will not have while you are away is whether or not your car is really in good hands.

What if you have other concerns or questions – or even a flat tire when you return from your trip?  Not to worry.  Our PHL airport parking and shuttle services offer one huge difference; we really care and go the distance to see that your needs are met.  Friendly staff members are always waiting with a genuine smile, and are ready to help you in any way possible.  If you come back from a business trip or vacation to discover you have locked your keys in the car, we’ll help you out, and won’t charge you a dime extra.

You can see what you should expect from the PHL airport parking and shuttle services facility you currently use – but are you getting all the perks?  If you feel like you’re being a bit slighted by the company you now use, give us a try.  We think you’ll quickly see that you made the right decision.

When Do You Need a Kansas City DUI Lawyer?

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Many people make the mistake of not hiring a lawyer when they are arrested for driving under the influence.  DUI is a criminal offense that can impact your life and future in many ways.  A reputable Kansas City DUI lawyer can protect your future and reputation, and often have the charges against you dropped so that you will not have a criminal record.

When do you need a Kansas City DUI attorney?  The minute you are arrested.  The more questions you answer and the more information you give to police officers, the more you are incriminating yourself.  Do not speak to anyone other than to state your name and address.  The old saying “everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law” is absolutely true.

Whether you are guilty or innocent, a skilled Kansas City lawyer knows how to use the DUI laws to your advantage.  It must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you are in fact guilty.  An aggressive attorney will question whether the arresting officer followed proper protocol, why you were pulled over, and whether breath test results can be trusted.  Law enforcement is quick to jump on any suspicion of drinking and driving today due to the increased stigma attached to this offense.

The fines and other penalties attached to a DUI conviction are severe.  In order to protect your driving privileges and avoid jail time, you must make certain that you choose a Kansas City DUI attorney who is highly specialized in this field and who has a winning track record.  Some lawyers are simply not experienced enough in this aspect of the law to offer you a strong defense.

There are many things that may affect the outcome of your case.  Is it your first offense?  Did you refuse to take a breath test?  Depending on the circumstances, you may be required to complete a Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program in order to have your drivers license reinstated.  Having a criminal offense on your record will not look good to either potential employers or your current employer.

You want to avoid being convicted of driving under the influence if at all possible.  It is imperative that you consult with a knowledgeable Kansas City DUI lawyer if you have been charged with driving under the influence.  Never assume that you should just plead guilty and suffer the consequences.

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