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June 29, 2011

Atlanta Tractor-Trailer Accident Claims Life of Newlywed

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Just days ago Danyal Holley, a newlywed from Woodstock was traveling with her new husband when she was killed in a tragic tractor-trailer accident.  The accident took place on Interstate 285 in Fulton County in Atlanta.  Following the accident all south bound lanes of 285 were blocked for several hours.

Mrs. Holley’s husband was injured in the crash and transported to Grady Memorial Hospital following the accident in which a tractor trailer rig attempted to change lanes and struck the Nissan Sentra being driven by Mrs. Holley.  He sustained only minor injuries. (article by Buffalo New York injury attorneys at Brown Chiari)

According to police at the scene, the tractor trailer driver, Jack Parsons, was attempting to change lanes when he struck Holley’s car and send it careening in to the guardrail.  Holley lost control and crossed in to the opposite lane of 285, where she was struck by the cab of another big truck traveling north bound.

We can only imagine the pain and anguish Holley’s new husband must be feeling at this time.  Parsons, the driver of the truck that truck the Nissan initially, was charged with second degree vehicular homicide and improper lane change.  This charge is a misdemeanor, so it is likely that he will receive up to one year in jail.  Unless it is found that Parsons was driving under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances, it is doubtful that he will serve any jail time.

A wrongful death lawsuit may be the only justice or relief that Holley’s husband may seek in this case.

Tractor trailer accidents are often devastating, as was certainly the case in this accident.  Up against a huge truck, a small car such as a Nissan stands little chance of coming out without serious injuries or worse where occupants are concerned.

Brown Chiari is a team of New York truck accident lawyers dedicated to protecting the rights of victims involved in accidents with tractor trailer rigs and other large commercial trucks.  Contact us today for a free evaluation of your case.

June 20, 2011

Does Hiring a Kansas City DUI Attorney Really Make Any Difference?

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Many people mistakenly assume that when they are arrested for driving under the influence, they may as well pay the fine and go on with it.  If only it were that easy!  What you may find yourself facing if you are ever arrested for DUI is steep fines, possible jail time, a criminal record, loss of your driving privileges and a ruined reputation.  Do you need a DUI attorney in Kansas City on your side?  Absolutely, unequivocally YES.

Driving under the influence is a serious criminal offense, one that is not taken lightly in Kansas City.  Penalties become more harsh all the time.  Even if it is your first offense, you need the skills of a dedicated Kansas City DUI lawyer who is willing to fight for you.  You may find yourself paying steep fines and you will lose your driving privileges if you fail to file an appeal in a timely manner.  Jail time and drunk driving school are other possibilities.  Many people do not realize that when someone is convicted on drunk driving charges, they have a criminal record.

Just because you were charged with driving under the influence does not automatically make you guilty.  In fact, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Many people choose a plea agreement simply to avoid the whole process of going to court.  A reputable Kansas City DUI attorney can direct you on the best way to proceed, and represent you in court should things go in that direction.

Effective legal counsel can often result in reduced penalties.  While the ultimate goal is to have the charges against you dropped, a qualified Kansas City DUI attorney will work aggressively for the best possible outcome, whatever it may be.  A skilled attorney recognizes that law enforcement is not always right, and challenges the evidence brought against you.  Were the results of the breath test reliable, and did the police officer have cause to pull you over?  If there are tapes of the stop, a competent lawyer will scrutinize those as well in order to glean any information that may be to your advantage.

With each subsequent conviction for driving under the influence penalties become more serious.  Whether it is your first offense or your fourth, it is imperative that you consult with a compassionate Kansas City DUI attorney at once.  If charges cannot be dropped, the damage and impact to your life and future can often be significantly reduced.

Settlement Loans and The Many Benefits

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Settlement loans often get a bad rap, but are in fact the only way for some individuals to get by while waiting on their lawsuit to settle.  When you are the injured party in a personal injury lawsuit, you may find yourself facing financial worries that seem impossible to overcome.  Litigation funding is a way to get the money you need immediately, so that you can pay your bills and continue fighting for justice.

What are the benefits of settlement loans?  There are many, including:

  • If approved, you can get the money you need usually within 24 hours.
  • There are no up-front costs or credit checks.
  • You will have the  money you need to pay your bills, so you won’t be tempted to settle for a cheap settlement from the insurance company.
  • You can pay household bills, medical expenses, attorney fees and other costs with the money.
  • Whether it takes 2 months to settle your lawsuit or 5 years, you owe nothing to the litigation funding company until you receive your money
  • Settlement loans are no-recourse, meaning that if for any reason you do not win your lawsuit, you owe nothing to the settlement funding company.
  • Depending upon how much you expect to win in your lawsuit, you can get as much as $250,000.

These are just a few of the benefits of settlement loans.  When a litigation funding company approves your application and gives you the money you need, there is a small fee involved.  However, this cost is of little consequence when compared with how much  money you could potentially lose by being forced to settle with insurance companies.

How does the process work?  It’s simple, and when approved you will have your money immediately.  The necessary application is completed by your attorney, who will then fax it to the litigation funding company.  Once reviewed (usually the same day), the company will decide if you qualify, based solely on the merits of your lawsuit.  If you are approved, your attorney and yourself will sign the agreement; you will then have the money you need the next day.

Settlement loans allow you to live a normal life and pay your bills while waiting for your lawsuit to settle.  Whether you are facing bankruptcy or are tired of creditors calling constantly, litigation funding may be a sound option for you.  Learn more online today, or talk to your lawyer about the advantages of settlement funding.

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