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October 20, 2011

West Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Injured in Accident Involving Tractor-Trailer Rig

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Bob Henry Baber, Mountain Party candidate for governor of West Virginia, was injured in a crash involving a tractor-trailer rig recently.  Baber’s two young children, Cody and Jackie, were also injured though none of the family members suffered life-threatening injuries.

The accident took place as Baber was driving north on interstate 79 enroute to the Pittsburgh International Airport, according to a news release from his campaign.  Baber was transported to Ruby Memorial Hospital following the September 15th accident.  According to the news release issued by Baber’s campaign, a tractor-trailer rig entered Baber’s lane illegally and struck his car forcefully enough to pin Baber’s car to the guard rail.  The truck driver did not stop following the accident, but was apprehended later by law enforcement on I-68.  Scott Lunsford, a 44-year-old Clarksville, GA man and driver of the truck, was charged with failure to maintain control.

Baber’s children Cody, 21 and Jackie, 19, were with Baber and were on their way to catch a flight to Utah where Baber’s eldest daughter was getting married. The family was traveling in their Jeep SUV when the accident occurred.  The truck involved in the crash belonged to Pavco Trucking Company of Maine.

State Police Trooper First Class J.G. Baker stated that Baber called in the hit-and-run accident from his cell phone, giving authorities the truck’s license plate number; he then followed the driver as police issued an alert.

Accidents involving 18 wheelers or tractor-trailer rigs often result in serious or fatal injuries; fortunately in this case injuries to the Baber family were only minor.  In this instance, the family may want to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against the driver of the rig that caused the accident

Brown Chiari is an experienced team of New York truck accident attorneys dedicated to protecting the rights of those who have suffered injuries in accidents involving tractor-trailer rigs and other big commercial trucks.  Contact us today for a free evaluation of your case.

October 5, 2011

How a Kansas City White Collar Crimes Lawyer Can Turn Things Around For You

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When you have been accused of or arrested for money laundering, internet fraud, embezzling or any other white collar crime it is easy to believe that your world has come to an end.  A skilled Kansas City white collar crimes attorney can help you turn things around, ultimately securing the most positive outcome possible on your behalf.  Never assume that you have no choice in the matter, or that you can handle it all yourself.  To do so would be to sign your reputation and freedom away.

We all make mistakes because we are all human.  You may be guilty or it may be that you have been accused of a crime that you are innocent of.  Perhaps you suspect you are being investigated.  When your future hangs in the balance and you do not know where to turn, a compassionate Kansas City white collar crimes lawyer has the knowledge, skill and experience to not only guide and advise you, but devise a strong and effective legal defense when necessary.

You don’t have to be an executive or in upper management to be accused of a white collar crime.  A bank teller who is suspected of stealing $80 could be charged with embezzlement; physicians who submit false records in order to be reimbursed by Medicare may be charged with a crime.  No matter how minor or serious the charges, it is imperative that you have a Kansas City white collar crime attorney on your side.  You’ve likely heard that you are “innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”.  This is the absolute truth, and a qualified attorney will work hard to protect your innocence.

Just because you have been charged with a crime does not always mean that you will have to go to court, but when it becomes necessary you want a Kansas City white collar crimes lawyer who is effective and capable both in and out of the courtroom.  Lawyers are skilled negotiators, often capable of securing a client’s freedom so that they do not spend time behind bars.  When you cannot be vindicated, an attorney can frequently have the penalties reduced so that the impact to your life is lessened.

When you have been charged with a crime or fear that you are under investigation, don’t waste any time.  Early intervention is the key to protecting your rights and interests.  Count on a trusted Kansas City white collar crime lawyer to protect your rights and seek the justice you are entitled to.

Reasons You May Need a Kansas City Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Are you under investigation for or even been charged with a crime? If so, you’ll need a good Kansas City criminal defense lawyer. Your lawyer will help you make sure that your rights are always protected, so that you won’t be unfairly convicted. Even if you’re not under investigation, it’s often a good idea to retain the services of a skilled Kansas City criminal defense lawyer if you’re in a situation where charges might result eventually.

When a particular crime occurs, law enforcement is charged with the duty of finding and then bringing to prosecution the person or persons who committed that crime. And indeed, anyone who does commit a crime should face proper punishment. However, it’s too often true that even when someone is innocent, he or she may be charged with a crime that he or she did not commit. It’s a very good idea to retain the services of a Kansas City criminal defense lawyer if you are in danger of being charged with a crime, or even if you’re not and are just proximate to a particular case. This will help ensure that if you are charged or involved in a case in some way, you’ll be fully protected by your lawyer’s expertise so that there is a fair outcome for all concerned.

You need a lawyer even if you’re innocent

Even if you’re innocent, it’s still a good idea to retain the services of a Kansas City criminal defense lawyer before the case against you ever gets underway. Don’t talk to the police without retaining the services of an attorney first, especially if you’ve been placed under arrest or are considered a “person of interest.” It’s unfortunate, but it does sometimes happen that innocent people are suddenly involved in a criminal justice system they don’t understand and have no hope of navigating properly on their own. Even if you’ve never been in trouble before, if you are considered a “person of interest,” or even just someone who’s got information about the case in question, you could suddenly find yourself facing charges that you’ll need to address properly.

A good Kansas City criminal defense lawyer will help you navigate your way through the process properly, making sure that your rights are protected at every turn; of course, as a good citizen, you have an obligation to assist with the investigation if you have information. However, doing so with the assistance of your attorney will help make sure that you don’t get involved in something you don’t have the expertise to handle, and will also help ensure that your rights are protected at every turn.

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What Are Lawsuit Loans, and Might They Benefit You?

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Lawsuit loans are loans that can be given as a cash advance against a lawsuit that’s either pending or settled. If the person requesting the lawsuit loan from the lender does not win the case, the settlement funding company does not legally have a right to request that the advance be repaid.

Who can request a lawsuit loan?

Either the plaintiff in a lawsuit or that plaintiff’s attorney can request a lawsuit loan. A plaintiff is identified as someone who has initiated a lawsuit against a person or entity with the intent of collecting monetary damages. The attorney or law firm representing the plaintiff does so against the defendant and the defendant’s attorneys.

Who can give a lawsuit loan?

Lawsuit loans are usually given by either private investors or hedge fund companies. With private investors, they usually provide funding depending on the case, and they can also purchase portfolios from other companies. They may diversify their monies by investing in other companies that provide settlement funding.

How do you qualify for a lawsuit loan?

If you’re the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit or a lawsuit involving commercial litigation, you may qualify for a lawsuit loan. Personal injury lawsuits especially may qualify for lawsuit loans, because people injured as a result of a company’s negligence (such as a product malfunction that results in injury and loss of income or disability) may need money to live on if the disability incurred means they cannot work. It isn’t always possible to qualify for a lawsuit loan, but underwriters generally have less restrictive qualifications for loans involving personal injury as compared to those with commercial litigation. If you request a lawsuit loan, you must have an attorney who is working on a contingency basis, and that attorney must approve of your request for a lawsuit loan.

Different types of funding

Lawsuit loans come in two different types: pre-settlement and post-settlement funding. With pre-settlement funding, money is borrowed against the pending lawsuit, where there’s been no verdict or settlement given. With post-settlement funding, a verdict has been reached in the plaintiff’s favor, and/or a settlement has been reached whereby the plaintiff will receive some monies as a result of settling the case.

Other considerations

Lawsuit loans for personal injury cases are generally easier to get than those that occur as a result of commercial litigation cases. The underwriting process for settlement funding in commercial litigation is quite a bit more complex in general than that for personal injury, and may take longer to approve.

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