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March 27, 2012

Are You the Victim of a Construction Accident? New York Construction Accident Attorneys Can Help You with Your Case

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Sometimes, construction accidents are actually criminal in nature; such was the case, for example, in a Staten Island construction accident whereby a wall collapsed and killed a construction foreman. With that case, two contractors were ultimately convicted because of the wall’s shoddy construction that resulted in the foreman’s death.

With these types of cases, personal injury lawsuits are often filed in tandem or immediately succeeding criminal cases like these. That’s because the results of the criminal conviction can underscore the severity of the accident and therefore help the victim and/or his or her family prevail in a personal injury lawsuit, as well.

Regardless of whether or not your particular construction accident results in criminal conviction, as well, you may very well have a personal injury case that New York construction accident attorneys can help you with. While some accidents are purely just that, accidental, and part of the risks of a construction job, many accidents happen because of negligence, product malfunction, or failure of management to enforce safety measures. If you find yourself in this situation and have become a victim in a construction accident or you are a family member of someone who has died as a result of construction accident, Buffalo injury attorneys want to talk to you.

Don’t talk to anyone else before you talk to New York construction accident attorneys

New York construction accident lawyers will work with you and are on your side, sympathetic to your particular situation. They know you’re suffering, and they know you’re recovering from injury (or may be permanently disabled). They also know that if you’ve lost a family member as a result of this type of construction accident, you are in no position to be thinking clearly. In fact, insurance companies bank on that and will try to approach you to get some type of settlement before you talk to any attorney. Don’t do that. New York construction accident lawyers will come to your aid and will carefully take a look at your case. If you have a valid one, they will represent you either in court or during settlement negotiations, so that you get every penny possible in compensation. You’ll need this money to take care of your own injuries or to take care of your family in the event you’ve lost a loved one and must deal with that pain and suffering, as well as having to face the loss of his or her income.

No jury award or settlement can ease the pain you’re going through completely, of course, but at least it can make your life easier. Contact Construction accident lawyers New York today to take care of this for you so that you can focus on recovering.

If You’ve Been in an Accident Caused by a Truck, New York Truck Accident Lawyers Want to Talk to You – for Your Benefit

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It makes sense, doesn’t it? You’re not supposed to win the fight if you tangle with a big truck in your little passenger car, simply because the truck has the advantage of size. Because of that, truck drivers undergo rigorous training to make sure they can pass driver safety tests and be a safe risk on the road with other trucks and cars. Even with these safety standards in place, there may come a time when you find yourself in an accident caused by a negligent or careless truck driver, or by a malfunctioning truck. If that happens, you need New York truck accident lawyers on your side – after you get medical treatment, of course.

First, get medical treatment

The first thing to do if you find yourself in a truck accident is to get medical treatment. Have your injuries assessed and treated right away; if you’re going to be undergoing extensive rehabilitation and recovery time for your injuries, these are important facts that your New York truck accident attorney is going to need to know as you pursue your personal injury case.

Second, contact Buffalo truck accident attorneys

Once you’ve treated your injuries, contact New York truck accident attorneys to assess your case. It’s important that you do this as soon as you can after you’ve been medically evaluated and treated; that’s because you don’t want to talk to any representatives from the trucking company before you talk to a truck accident attorney. You could unwittingly damage your case and any chance you have for a fair or proper settlement if you do so.

Representatives from the trucking company may be very good at soothing hurt feelings and may make you feel like they’re sympathetic to you, but they’re not. Their job is to get you to sign off on as small a settlement as is possible, and therefore to sign away your rights to pursue a truly legitimate settlement or even jury award. Remember, if representatives from the trucking company can get you to sign something so that you can’t come back and sue them later for damages, their job is done. Your suffering, however, may have just begun because you’ll no longer have the right to access the monetary resources to take care of medical bills and other expenses that come about as a result of your injury.

New York truck accident lawyers are different; they are on your side, and only want to see you get the justice you deserve. Your lawyer will be an honest and fair representative of you, someone who’s competent and professional in the courtroom or in settlement negotiations, depending on the outcome you pursue.

New York Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorneys Fight For You, and Your Loved One’s Rights

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Nursing homes are supposed to be sanctuaries for those you cannot care for anymore yourself – and usually, they are. Occasionally, though, nursing home abuse and neglect does happen; if this is unfortunately your situation, don’t wait. Take action, now. New York nursing home abuse lawyers can help you sue the responsible parties for your loved one’s pain and suffering; you’ll have the money you need to put your loved one in the care of someone who truly is responsible, giving you peace of mind once again.

New York nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys know that the situation is not easy. No one wants to realize that abuse and neglect is happening. It’s difficult enough to have to put your loved one in a home when you can no longer care for him or her yourself. Add to that the stress of suddenly realizing that doing so has inadvertently led to abuse or neglect. This is certainly not your fault, but it is your responsibility to respond to it as soon as you know what’s happening.

What types of abuse and neglect might you see?

If you see a sudden rash of bruises, or if your loved one has had a broken bone of some sort, don’t simply dismiss it as a case of “falling.” Staff may certainly tell you this, but it’s not necessarily true. Watch for other behavioral changes that may indicate abuse and/or neglect, such as a change in demeanor from happy and content to fearful and angry.

Other signs of abuse or neglect may be less obvious. Maybe your loved one is usually alert and cheerful but is suddenly drowsy and slow to respond. Over medicating patients is one way overworked staff can control them so that they don’t have to “deal with” patient loads so much. Or, maybe hygiene has gone downhill, or your loved one seems hungry and malnourished. All of these things are signs that abuse or neglect may be taking place.

If you see these types of things happening, don’t wait. Your loved one’s health is probably already fragile, and these types of abuse may make an already tenuous situation even worse. Contact nursing home administration to let them know the abuse happening, move your loved one to a safer location, and contact a New York nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer to take a look at your case.

It’s important that you do that for a couple of reasons. First, of course, your loved one deserves to be taken care of properly; when that doesn’t happen, a lawsuit helps ensure that there’s compensation for that abuse or neglect. Just as importantly, though, it’s also true that suing for the abuse or neglect publicizes it so that others become aware. Your NY personal injury attorney is an expert at helping you handle the situation, so that it can become a thing of the past.

A Kansas City Traffic Violations Attorney Can Save Your License

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Traffic accidents happen. This is well known by anyone who watches the evening news at least once a week. What might not be so well known is that these accidents are a major cause of deaths each year. Also, this is why the insurance rates for drivers is climbing every year. The more drivers on the road, the more potential there is for accidents to happen. Should you be in an accident, you will want the help of a Kansas City traffic violations attorney at your side immediately, because you will need to know many things for your day in court. Your traffic violations attorney can be incredibly helpful to you for this and for the preparation of your case. The insurance company of the opposing driver will definitely be present, wanting to pin the fault of the accident on you. It makes sense that someone knowledgeable should be there looking out for your interests as well.

Also, if you have received a speeding ticket, it is very important for you to know that:

  • Your license will be noted and points will be posted and will remain with you for the next three years
  • Each speeding ticket you receive will continue accumulating points
  • If the points on your license reaches a certain amount, you will have your license revoked (taken from you)
  • Your insurance rates will go up
  • You will have to show up in court on a certain day
  • A fine will be charged to you

A speeding ticket for a regular licensed driver is bad, but can be catastrophic for a driver who holds a CDL (commercial driver’s license), whether or not the driver is doing so commercially at that moment

Now that you understand a simple speeding ticket is not so simple, you may wish to consider seeking help from a Kansas City traffic violations attorney. There are many nuances in traffic court and your traffic attorney can help you. If you stand alone, you stand the chance of serious repercussions.

The opposing counsel will do all he can to make you guilty for the violation and receive as much of a fine from you as he possibly can. Not only to make himself look good in front of the judge, but also for his paperwork to show on a monthly basis. Remember, that’s his job! Do you know all there is to hold a reasonable argument against a trained Kansas City traffic violations attorney on the other side? It would be advantageous to have one right next to you on your side!

Are Lawsuit Loans “Easy Money”?

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Lawsuit loans are most definitely not easy money. You qualify for these loans if you have been a victim and are now a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit that’s pending and likely to either settle or result in a jury award.

Easy? Not exactly; injury is never something to laugh at, and it can make life very difficult. You may have had to take off of work and due to a reduction in income, you don’t have money to pay your bills, including the medical expenses you may have incurred because of your injuries. You of course get compensation if you win your lawsuit that can help pay these bills, but what do you do in the meantime? That’s where lawsuit loans can help.

Timely help with settlement funding in the form of lawsuit loans

The court system is a great creation, in that it helps bring justice to those who might otherwise not get it. However, justice itself is necessarily a complicated process, and that can mean results come slower than we might want or need them to. That’s where this type of litigation funding can help.

Lawsuit loans are offered to plaintiffs by companies that specialize in this type of settlement financing. However, these companies don’t want to check your credit, and they don’t want any collateral from you. They do want to check and make sure that your case is legitimate, that you’ve hired your lawyer on contingency, and that your attorney is in agreement that a loan is the right solution for your situation.

How does it work? You simply contact one a litigation funding company, fill out the application to get a loan of this type (again, with your lawyer’s approval and full consent), and submit to the review process. Once your case has been thoroughly reviewed, and has been found to be legitimate and likely to result in settlement or award, the company will give you a portion of your expected settlement or award; it’s usually about one tenth of the expected full amount.

No need to pay the money back unless you win

What makes lawsuit loans so helpful is that you will not have yet another monthly payment or obligation to add to your already mounting financial burden. Unlike most loans, you only have to pay your loan back if you win your case. If you win, the company reclaims the money it lent you, plus fees and interest, but if you lose your case, you owe the company nothing. In that sense, you could say that these loans are “free” money in that they free you of worry or obligation to repay unless you win your case. This is simply not true of other types of loans. Is litigation financing right for you? Discuss the possibility with your attorney; this is one solution that will allow you to live comfortably and with less stress while waiting for your settlement.

How Settlement Loans Help Injury Victims Financially

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Have you been injured because of another party’s negligence?  You may be tempted to settle out of court, but beware – you will NOT be awarded the full compensation you are entitled to from the insurance company.  This is where settlement loans come in.  When you file a lawsuit, you will find that between attending court proceedings and possibly being unable to work due to your injuries, your financial resources disappear quickly.  However, it is to your advantage to file a lawsuit, because a skilled attorney can usually obtain the full compensation you deserve.  Litigation funding is a process that is easy, worthwhile financially, and puts you at no risk whatsoever.

Injured victims often face financial issues that are so severe they could possibly be facing bankruptcy.  Considering the subtantial medical costs, lost wages and legal fees, a settlement loan can be extremely beneficial.  A loan is not really a “loan,” but a cash advance against the settlement you expect to receive.  This advance is typically about 10% of your expected settlement.  If you expect to win $150,000, a litigation financing company would likely advance you around $15,000.  This money can help you pay household bills, buy groceries, meet medical expenses and more while you wait for your lawsuit to settle.

How much does it cost upfront?  Nothing at all.  Litigation financing companies will not approve your advance unless they feel that you have a very strong, solid case.  Your attorney will submit the application, which pertains only to the circumstances surrounding the accident and your injuries.  There are no employment, background or credit checks to worry about.  Once submitted, the settlement funding company usually makes a decision the same day; you can have your money the next morning if you qualify.

Settlement loans are also non-recourse, which means that in the event you are not awarded the settlement  you expect, you do not repay the loan.  Essentially, if this happens you have been given free money!  However, if you do win, you only repay the loan when you actually receive your money.  Should you choose structured settlement payments, you can use those payments to repay the lender.

It can be tempting to just take what the insurance company offers and run with it, but you are cheating yourself.  Insurance companies never pay injury victims the full amount they deserve.  By filing a lawsuit, your lawyer can use his skill and experience to secure the full compensation you deserve for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages (and possibly future income) and more.  Settlement loans allow you to live normally without constant money problems while your attorney fights for justice.  Talk to your attorney today about litigation funding, to see if it may be the right solution for you.

Don’t Take Charges of DWI Lightly – Why You Need a Fairfax DWI Defense Lawyer

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When you are charged with driving while intoxicated in Virginia, you may be facing serious penalties/punishment if convicted.  Do you really need a Fairfax DWI defense lawyer on your side?  Absolutely.  Whether you are innocent or guilty, a capable attorney knows how to challenge the evidence against you in order to secure a better outcome.  Without a DWI attorney in Fairfax to represent your legal rights, you may be facing hefty monetary fines, jail time, a black mark on your criminal record and loss of your driving rights.

While no lawyer can guarantee that he/she can have the charges against you dismissed, it is to your benefit to have a capable and experienced Fairfax DWI attorney to provide legal guidance.  There are numerous technical and legal defenses that a lawyer may use to protect his or her client, so that serious penalties may be avoided.  Even if you were drinking before getting behind the wheel, you do not have to admit guilt.  In fact, a capable Fairfax DWI lawyer will advise you not to admit to anything, and not to answer questions or offer any information to police without the presence of an attorney.

In the state of Virginia, DWI is taken very seriously.  You may assume that if you are guilty, you must plead guilty.  This is not the case; in fact, there are frequently mitigating circumstances in which you may be proven innocent, even if you did have a few drinks prior to driving.  Police may have pulled you over for no reason, or results of breath/field sobriety tests may not be reliable.  The consequences for those convicted have steadily gotten worse over the years, as the media, MADD and society in general have taken a tough stance against those who drink and get behind the wheel.  Your best chance for avoiding harsh penalties and a ruined reputation is to have a capable Fairfax DWI attorney represent you.

What will you face if convicted on charges of driving while intoxicated?  Depending upon the jurisdiction and circumstances, you may be required to double the minimum automobile liability insurance coverage limits, on top of paying a fine, serving jail time, attending classes regarding alcohol education and having your license suspended.  Many employers frown on a criminal record, so your job may even be at risk.  Do not face DWI charges without the skill and support of a compassionate Fairfax DWI defense attorney.

Even upstanding citizens make mistakes, and no one is perfect.  Whether you are a teacher, nurse, retail store clerk or even an attorney, it is important that you contact a reputable DWI defense attorney in Fairfax who will work vigorously to protect your legal rights and freedom.

March 26, 2012

Arizona Premises Liability Attorneys Work to Secure Full Compensation For Injured Victims

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If you have sustained injuries on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to compensation of costs related to your injuries.  Arizona premises liability attorneys work to determine who is at fault or can be held liable, and to demonstrate that party’s responsibility so that victims can receive full compensation.  Don’t let the insurance company convince to you take their offer; you will likely receive far less than you actually deserve.

Landlords, homeowners and businesses are responsible for keeping their properties safe and in good condition for guests or patrons.  When someone suffers injuries or is killed because the conditions of the property were dangerous, there may be grounds for a lawsuit.  A skilled premises liability lawyer in Arizona will work to determine if in fact the property owner did anything to protect those on his/her property from harm.  When it is apparent that the property owner/landlord or business owner did nothing to warn guests of existing dangers or to put up barriers to prevent injuries, that party may be liable for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other costs related to the victim’s injuries.

Drowning is an unfortunate accident that takes the lives of victims who were on other people’s property every year.  Other examples of defective property that may leave property owners liable include:

Uneven steps, missing stair rails
Slip, trip and fall accidents on slippery or uneven surfaces
Swimming pools that are unsupervised and/or unlocked
Hallways, stair wells and other areas with insufficient lighting
Insufficient security in areas that are known for assaults and/or other crimes
Cracks, holes or breaks in pavement
Explosions or fire
Merchandise placed precariously in stores that falls on a customer
Escalators and elevators that do not function properly

It is up to the injured victim to prove guilt on the part of the property owner by proving that the owner either knew about an unsafe hazard but failed to warn tenants or visitors, created unsafe conditions on their property, or failed to maintain the property so that it was safe for guests.  Arizona premises liability lawyers know that without legal assistance, it is a difficult if not impossible task for an injured victim to prove negligence on the part of a property owner/landlord.  This is why it is imperative that you consult with a qualified attorney if you are an injured victim.

Only a dedicated and experienced premises liability attorney in Arizona can help ensure that you are fully compensated for the injuries you have suffered.  Never “go it alone” when you are the victim of a dangerous/unsafe property. Learn more about our Scottsdale personal injury attorneys today!

MF Global Investor Losses; Do Customers Have Reason to Celebrate?

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The trustee in charge of MF Global’s liquidation, James Giddens, recently asked that an additional $684 million be distributed to MF Global customers by a bankruptcy court.  Should investors expect to believe that they will soon receive more of the money they invested back from the now collapsed broker, who filed for bankruptcy in October of 2011?

Approximately $600 million is slated to be distributed to customers who traded on U.S. exchanges, while Giddens requested that about $50 million be paid to commodity customers who traded futures on foreign exchanges.  According to a report in Bloomberg on March 15th, approximately $35 million will potentially be paid out to holders of precious metals and other physical assets.  Of course, for any of these distributions to take place, a judge must approve in each situation.

Thus far, about 72% of the money has been distributed to MF Global clients since October 31st, the day the broker/dealer filed for bankruptcy.  At the time of the bankruptcy, MF Global had $41 billion in debt, due to risky trading to the tune of $6.3 billion on European sovereign debt.  Not long after filing for bankruptcy, clients learned that as much as $1.2 billion of their money was missing; it still hasn’t been determined where that money went.

If new distributions are made, about 80% of clients who traded on U.S. exchanges will have recouped their money.  The news is not so good for those who traded on foreign exchanges, however, as the new distributions would amount to less than 10% of claims paid.  Jon Corzine, former CEO of MF Global, has offered very little insight during testimony at a congressional hearing earlier this month as to where the millions in customer funds disappeared to.

Numerous small businesses have experienced significant losses as a result of the MF Global missing money scandal.  Customers including ag processors, farmers, producers and elevator operators have been made victims, and many engage in hedging due to the volatile commodity prices over the past two years.  While it may be true that funds will be distributed in the future, it is recommended that victims of the MF Global scandal who have suffered looses file arbitration now, in order to be among the first to be heard.  A securities arbitration attorney can help investors recoup a portion or all of their losses quickly in order to avoid a long wait.

March 22, 2012

Accidents Happen, but You Don’t Have To Be an Unwitting Victim Even So

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Even if a car accident is just that, an accident, you don’t have to be an unwitting victim of the person who put you in that position. Car accidents happen for a number of reasons; an accident may happen, for example, because the other driver was driving under the influence of some kind of substance, or because of inattentive or negligent driving.

Be that as it may, you’re probably facing significant recovery time from injuries, or may even be permanently disabled because of them. If that has happened to you, you may feel helpless. You know you’re a victim and you need recourse for what’s happened to you, but where do you turn? That’s where Arizona car accident lawyers can help.

No money up front

Injuries may leave you strapped for cash not just because you’ve now got medical bills to pay as a result of these injuries, but because you can’t work anymore. Maybe your injuries are only temporary and you’re going to recover from them, or maybe you are permanently disabled, but either way, you’re strapped for cash. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay an Scottsdale personal injury attorney upfront, and can instead consult with one at no cost to you. If your case is found to be legitimate, your attorney will take your case on for no money upfront, and instead will ask you to share a portion of your settlement or jury award monies, about a third.

This type of setup is advantageous, for a number of reasons. First, of course, you’re not paying for representation you can’t afford. Second, you know your Arizona car accident attorney is going to work hard on your behalf to get you the greatest compensation possible; your lawyer is a professional who knows how to do his or her job right, to be sure, but it’s also true that the more compensation you get, the more he or she gets, as well.

What happens if you lose?

As stated previously, if you win your case in court or it settles out of court, your car accident lawyers will get a portion of your winnings as compensation. However, if you lose, Arizona car accident attorneys receive no money for services rendered, meaning that there’s absolutely no risk to you. Don’t suffer any longer, unsure of how you’re going to take care of your medical expenses or ongoing financial needs. Filing a personal injury lawsuit with the assistance of Arizona car accident lawyers will likely result in financial compensation so that you can heal without the added stress of financial worries.

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