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February 26, 2013

KBS REIT Lawyers

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KBS Capital Group manned the KBS REIT non-exchange traded fund, with many investors experiencing losses as a result. Although many now want their money back, time is running out to do so. KBS REIT I closed the initial public offering back in 2008, and all the distributions ceased shortly after the initial public offering was closed as of December 2012.

Recouping losses

Unscrupulous brokers recommended these “investments” to clients, driven by the high commissions those brokers received. This is true even though brokers necessarily have a fiduciary duty to perform due diligence on the investments they recommend, meaning that clients should at least be reasonably assured that KBS REIT investments as well as other should be safe, stable and secure. Instead, these investors have proven to be risky to clients, even as those clients were not aware of this fact when the purchases were being made on their behalf.

What’s to happen now?

If you’re someone who has invested in KBS REIT and want your money back, you can consult a securities fraud attorney to help you with your case. He or she will help you unravel the current state of KBS I and II REIT dissolutions and determine what your next course of action is. Many investors may be able to get back as much as 80% of the estimated value of the original investment. Time is running out on your ability to be able to recoup their losses, so make sure you contact an experienced securities fraud attorney who is a versed in the KBS REIT cases going on now.

Forcing proof of brokers’ and others’ misbehavior

Because brokers and others involved in these financial transactions are held to a fiduciary responsibility, in that they must take at least part responsibility for client losses when those losses are incurred because of unscrupulous practices. To that end, you have a case whereby you can place a claim against KBS and other involved parties and recovers much of your investment as possible. All federal and state securities agencies have parameters in place whereby potential investors must be fully important of all risks they are undertaking with the investment before they take part in it. It’s been that firms participating in these investments do anything but, and then infect brokerages ignored federal and state security laws meant to protect investors from this type of loss.

Currently, investors have been informed that they will receive no more dividends from their investments, and redemptions, as well, have been suspended. With the estimated value per share set at $5.16, as of December, time is of the essence for those who want to recoup on their investment. Contact a fraud securities attorney today and discuss your case so that you can file a claim as quickly as possible.

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