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December 15, 2011

Fish Oil Manufacturing in China

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As a fish oil manufacturer for China, Nutrifynn Caps specializes in all areas as a fish oil manufacturer and in fish oil fulfillment.  Those in need of not only the purest, most potent oils can rely on us for exceptional ingredients as well as bottling, labeling and quick delivery.  Since 1994 we have enjoyed our status as a leading fish oil vendor, serving the industry on a global level.

Branded companies and distributors in search of a fish oil manufacturer for China can depend on our company to deliver unparalleled products, customer service and price.  We realize that in order to be profitable, you need products that your customers demand at a price that you can afford.  As a premier provider, our fish oil bottling and labeling services allow you to receive your finished products when and where you need them, so that you can move forward with business.

Nutrifynn Caps also realizes that many times, branded companies simply do not have the storage room necessary to house all of their products; our fish oil fulfillment services allow us to store your products for you, then ship immediately when you need them.  We offer private label bottling as well so that your potential customers can clearly identify with your brand, an essential component of profitable, successful businesses today.

It is important that in the fish oil bottling process your ingredients remain pure and clean.  As a leading fish oil manufacturer for China, we can assure you that you will receive products that are of the highest quality, never compromised due to oxidation or environmental contaminants.  We are a fish oil vendor that realizes the importance of natural, pure ingredients to both your company and the consumer.  Dedication to excellence is what has made us the preferred source of fish oil products around the world today.

As a trusted fish oil manufacturing source, we secure our oils from the fish of the Alaskan, Icelandic and New Zealand seas due to the fact that fish from these seas are shown to offer the highest levels of DHA and EPA.  You can trust that all products we manufacture are of the highest potency, pure and clean.

For nearly two decades, Nutrifynn Caps has enjoyed the prestige of being a trusted fish oil manufacturer for China as well as other countries.  We invite branded companies and distributors in need of fish oil manufacturing, bottling and labeling to contact us today to learn more about the products and services we offer.

September 21, 2010

The Printer Cartridge Ink You Buy Makes a Difference in Money Savings and Quality Documents

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Printer cartridge ink is just one of those necessities you have to spend money on in order to produce professional looking, quality documents for your business.  The money you spend on printing and office supplies is probably substantial, but you have to keep things running in order to keep your business running!  You want to present the best possible image for your company, so that potential clients will think of you for their needs.  Don’t make the mistake of buying cheap or remanufactured products for your copiers and printers.  The quality of your documents – and your budget – will suffer in the end.

Today, you can buy any type of printer cartridge ink you may need online.  There are compatible products that cost substantially less than OEM products, and produce exceptional quality documents.  People often try to save money by going the cheapest route possible; what happens is that your document quality isn’t as good, and you often get far (hundreds) fewer pages.  This means that you have to spend  money on yet more printer cartridge ink, when your printer could have kept producing exceptional documents for far longer had you chosen reliable components.

An example of this would be the Lexmark ink cartridge black packaged in 3.  With this product, you could be printing the best possible documents that are crisp, clear and easy to read for months longer than if you purchase a cheaper product!  The old saying “You get what you pay for” is usually true; by choosing cheap components, you may be shorting yourself thousands of pages, which translates to spending more money.

When you shop for printer cartridge ink online, be sure that you know what you are buying.  A reliable merchant will list the product name, item number, manufacturer part number, specifications and which machines they are designed to work with, so that you know you are getting exactly the right component.  This way, you can avoid having to ship the product back when you receive it and it doesn’t work for your printer!

The next time you purchase printer cartridge ink, be smart AND frugal.  Buy online at merchants who offer discount prices, free shipping and dependable service.  Your purchase will be delivered right to your door, and you don’t have to go out in nasty weather or spend gas to buy the things you need.  Shop online – it’s quick, convenient and you save!

April 17, 2010

HP Supplies Are Superior and Extend the Life of Your Business Machines

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HP supplies are always in high demand, which is understandable since Hewlett Packard printers are one of the most popular and most used in business and home offices.  Printers are an essential investment for most businesses, and one you want to take great care of in order to extend the lifespan.  By using only HP supplies for your needs, you can rest assured that you will get not only the best quality documents, but your printer will work like new much longer.

Today, there are plenty of cheap alternatives available, but how much do they cost you in the long run?  Refill ink cartridges are popular, but many people do not realize the quality of printing is inferior and they will get less life out of the product.  Cheaper products also increase the possibility of damage to your printer, so it really doesn’t make sense to skimp on costs.  HP supplies are the superior choice for your printer, and offer 34% more pages than you get with cheap ink cartridges.  Drying time is minimal, so you don’t have to worry about smears and smudges.

When you use only HP supplies, the company is able to guarantee that you get optimal performance, reliability and quality.  These products are manufactured by Hewlett Packard, so you know that they are made to work specifically with your printer for optimum results.  Most companies frequently print documents that are used for meetings or combined in to reports that must look professional and high quality.  By choosing only HP supplies, you can rest assured that your documents will look clean, clear and professional.

HP supplies include ink cartridges, toner cartridges, photo ink cartridges and other necessities for fax machines, copiers and printers.  Both corporate and small business, as well as the home business owner, often rely heavily on their printers, fax machines and copiers to get necessary work done on a timely basis.  Nothing is more stressful than being on a tight deadline only to have your printer quit working, or start printing documents that are barely readable.

When these machines break down, it can mean total chaos and a great deal of downtime.  When you want your business to run smoothly and efficiently, depend only on HP supplies.  While the cost is a little more, the money and time you save over the long haul is well worth it!  Productivity remains high, and the quality of your documents never suffer.

April 13, 2010

Toner Ink Cartridges – A Necessity in Today’s High-Tech World

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Laser printers have become highly popular in recent years, and saving money on toner ink cartridges is essential for many business owners.  Part of the reason that many decide to invest in laser printers is the time and money savings they experience.  The difference in service you see between this type of printer and an ink jet printer is substantial!

Toner ink cartridges last for a much longer period than most other types.  In fact, because of the way they work you can expect to get approximately 3,000 pages with these types of cartridges, compared to about 100 to 500 pages with an ink-jet printer.  The quality of the print is exceptional, and the business owner gets to spend more time being productive and less time spending money on toner ink cartridges.

The primary component of toner ink cartridges is an electrically charged plastic powder, so the images are not wet like ink.  This means that documents are exceptionally clear with no smears or smudges.  This powdery plastic pigment is fused on to the printer paper with heat, so there is no wet ink that requires drying time.  Years ago, people were forced to handle the toner powder which had to be poured in to a reservoir, which could easily end in the toner powder being all over the office equipment and the users clothes – a very messy process.  Toner ink cartridges available today make simple work of changing cartridges, since the powder is completely enclosed.

Laser printers have the ability to print at excessive speeds when compared to an ink-jet printer, which is another reason so many businesses choose to use them.  Toner ink cartridges can also be replaced with compatible products that are sometimes less costly than the OEM cartridges that are available.  Many business owners choose to use only products manufactured specifically for the brand of printer they own, to insure that they get only the best in printing quality.  Because they demand professional quality documents, they will not use anything else.

It’s hard to imagine in today’s society how any company, corporation or home business owner can fully function without a printer.  Toner ink cartridges are a necessary business expense, but one that is well worth the investment.  You can spend time and gas driving to your office supplies store to get toner ink cartridges when you need them, however shopping online is much more convenient – and saves gas as well!

March 12, 2010

Banner Stands Make a Lasting Impression in the Minds of Visitors

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Banner stands help you increase brand awareness and leave a favorable impression of those attending the trade shows.  For just a fraction of what you spend on other displays, banner stands help you get the message out about your offer, products and services.  When you want to build your brand and demonstrate why your company is the obvious choice, this is one affordable way to accomplish any goal!

Another great thing about banner stands is the flexibility they offer.  You can use them in so many ways; as an addition to your existing exhibit, on their own, or through other advertising venues.  Set one up at the mall, the movie theater, or anywhere else large numbers of people congregate.  Awareness of your products and services is sure to increase when thousands of eyeballs see your message.  For the small amount of money you spend, you will see exceptional results for your efforts.

When you attend outdoor events, you need equipment that will stand up to any unexpected weather conditions.  Outdoor banner stands are built tough so that they withstand strong winds, rain, and any other adverse weather that may come your way.  After the trade show is over, place it outside your business or retail store to attract the attention of passers-by.  You can even have your trade show graphics custom designed, making your exhibit unique from all others.  Savvy business owners know that when it comes to creating a memorable impression, differentiating your brand and offer from the competition is essential.

Retractable banner stands are among the most popular simply because they are super simple to assemble and easy to transport.  Now, banner stand walls let you create an entire wall of graphics!  From 8 feet long to an attention-demanding 20 feet long, these banner stands are meant to create a commotion.  High quality graphics practically guarantee that no one will pass by your exhibit without looking twice!  You will be amazed at the attention banner stands command.

Banner stands are outstanding when used in conjunction with a larget display.  Use multiple banner stands to create a full mural, or keep things simple and use only one to advertise your products or special offers.  How you set up your exhibit is entirely up to you!  Your creativity is not limited, so ramp up the interest and blow your competition away – banner stands help you achieve the best possible results for your advertising dollars.

December 16, 2009

Inexpensive Cottage Design Ideas

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cottage-decorChanging the original theme of your house into a cottage design does not have to eat up all your time and money. In fact, you can achieve this even if you keep your basic structure intact, and without the services of an interior decorator. The good thing about cottage design is that it incorporates the home owner’s personal style and turns it into a work of art. To give your house the feel of a cozy retreat, here are some suggestions.

Think light.

The secret behind the relaxing atmosphere of a cottage home is the use of light materials. Remove heavy brocade curtains and valances and replace them with airy or gauzy fabrics like organza. Bamboo blinds and those of other light wood materials are ideal.

Start a Pattern Revolution.

Don’t be afraid to use bold prints and patterns. Just make sure that you balance it out. A cottage design should be warm and welcoming, but not overwhelming. Also make sure that the size of your prints matches the size of the fabric or furniture it is covering.

Match the Small with the Bold.

If you have some tiny spaces or corners in your house, they need not be negligent or unnoticeable. What you can do is to paint little spaces in bright, bold colors and they will pop out proudly. You can even use this way to divide spaces and give you extra storage places. Paint hallways and closets unexpectedly. Cottage design gives you the opportunity to play with whim, so use this to your advantage.

In With the Old, In With the New.

Keep both old and new elements. Don’t be afraid to mix contemporary with vintage. You can have the latest gadgets and appliances and yet blend them with an antique telephone or your well-worn writing desk. Don’t throw out old typewriters and pieces of china, but let them work hand in hand with your brand-new things. Play with your own design ideas. This gives the rooms an unpredictable, highly original character.

Open Your Shelves to the World.

Remove the doors of your kitchen cabinets and other such storage cabinets. Even your recipe books and plates can make colorful statements, plus they are more easily accessible. You can also play with display cupboards in other rooms of the house, and fill it with a colorful assortment of random knickknacks like wedding giveaways, collections, and travel souvenirs.

Simply Remember Your Favorite Things.

As I mentioned earlier, cottage design has a lot to do with YOUR personal style. To make your home a testimony to “you”, surround yourself with your favorite things. Make statements with your beloved works of art, books, and items of sentimental value such as gifts from the people in your life. Hand-crafted things are a beautiful addition. Some design ideas are to use those doilies your granny knitted way back then, or recycle that patchwork quilt that you and your friends worked on at summer camp. It will give you that relaxing sense of familiarity.

Once you have given your home that basic cottage feel, it will become a delightful continuing process. Every now and then, you will come across a little something or other that will make a fine addition, or discover new cottage decorating ideas.

December 10, 2009

iPod Car Adapters Answer a Frequently Asked Question

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One question that is asked often by those who love music is “how can I play my iPod with my car stereo?”  While you may not think there is a solution, iPod adapters offer anyone the ability to listen to their own type of music and favorite artists no matter where they go.  Listening to the radio can get monotonous; so many stations these days play the same songs over and over, with constant commercial interruptions.  Good news – you do have choices!

Technology has come a very long way.  When MP3 players and other iPods came out just a few years ago, music lovers discovered that they could carry thousands of their favorite songs in one tiny device.  Now, iPod car adapters allow you to listen while you travel on errands, to work, or even on vacation!  Exciting news for those who truly enjoy music.  No more ripping CD’s, buying songs on iTunes or lugging around heavy CD cases.

Even if your vehicle is an older model, you have nothing to worry about.  Nearly any make of car can be adapted so that you can listen to the songs you love straight through the stereo of your car!  If your vehicle came with a cassette player, there is a solution for you as well.  In the event that you had a stereo installed after you purchased your car, you are in luck as well.

iPod car adapters offer a variety of solutions for your listening needs.  Even if you are on a strict budget, there are options that are very affordable, and will have you listening to your favorite tunes and artists in no time!  The wireless FM module is the most inexpensive solution, and is a great choice if you live in an area where there is little interference or competition in FM radio stations.  Simply select an unused FM station and you are ready to go!  If you can find one with unused frequencies on both sides, even better.

Whether you have a compact disc player or cassette player in your car, the options allow you to play your tunes right through your car stereo system!  This means you can control your music right from the stereo controls, or through the steering wheel if you have that option.  You can have true, crystal clear sound that is amazing – and you never lose your music, even when traveling in isolated areas.

As you can see, there is an answer to your question!  If you have wondered how to play your iPod in your car, or even if it was a possibility, now you know.  iPod car adapters are a great advance in technology, and allow you to listen in your vehicle, where it matters most.

December 1, 2009

The Armored Vehicles, BMW 7 Series

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BMW sets the standard with an armored car for those who need the ultimate level of security. The BMW 7 Series High Security can be based on the 2010 BMW 760Li or 750Li models. Either version of the BMW 7 Series High Security meets the new ballistic protection level VR7. They are certified to BRV 2009. All in all, their armored cars are highly rated.

BMW says the ‘non-transparent surfaces’ of the BMW 7 Series High Security also meet the ballistic protection level VR9. BMW also says that the armored BMW 7 Series High Security was developed along with the standard model so the safety components have been integrated right into the production process.

Powered by a 6.0-litre V12 engine developing 544 hp and 750 Nm of torque, the BMW 760Li High Security has a 0-to-100 km/h acceleration time of 6.2 seconds. Powered by a 4.4-litre V8 engine that produces 407 hp and 600 Nm of torque, The BMW 750Li High Security has a 0-to-100 km/h time of 7.9 seconds.

The BMW 7 Series High Security has been fitted with reinforced suspension, dampers and suspension strut top mountings and a modified chassis, to accommodate the extra weight.

In the following portion of their press release, BMW states: A new definition of maximum security: The new BMW 7 Series High Security. Munich. With the launch of a new generation of high-security sedans based on the BMW 7 Series, the leading supplier of premium vehicles meets the most stringent safety requirements for persons at risk while traveling in their vehicles. In addition to the BMW, there are numerous other quality Armored Cars and in particular armored luxury vehicles such as an armored Mercedes, Lexus, Toyota, Suburban and various Sedans, Trucks and related bulletproof cars.

Both, the BMW 760Li High Security and the BMW 750Li High Security are the first models in the world to be certified to BRV 2009 and both vehicles meet the requirements of the new ballistic protection level VR7. Due to their highly effective protective armor, the non-transparent body areas of the BMW 760Li High Security and the BMW 750Li High Security meet the requirements of the ballistic protection level VR9. Hence, both the BMW 760Li High Security and the BMW 750Li High Security provide optimum safety in the individual mobility segment in combination with unparalleled comfort of travel, superior drive technology and an abundance of innovative equipment features to guarantee confident motoring at all times.

The two BMW high security sedans set new standards in the protection of persons at risk while traveling in their vehicle. The unique security concept is based on findings, which BMW gained as a result of its determined development work, and on more than thirty years of experience in security vehicle engineering.

November 23, 2009

Who Said Efficiency doesn’t go with Style?

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When you hear the phrase “a fuel efficient car”, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind, is an ugly car. It is true that many things including cars and trucks, designed for efficiency in one area or another are not very attractive or stylish for that matter. A Honda Civic however has broken from this trend and is now amongst the leading manufacturers of some of the most stylish and fuel efficient vehicles in the global market.

Honda has a long standing history of producing vehicles that have gained popularity around the world because of their economic consumption of fuel. The company has begun to shift more attention to the design of its models. The release of the 2006 eighth generation model was evidence that efficiency and style can mix, and mix well.

Due to the new emphasis on style, the 2006 models do not have as much rear leg room and trunk capacity as its predecessors. It is available in the coupe and sedan designs. The new features that were brought in to make the Civic appeal to the more fashionable car owners are the reduced back and front overhangs and a more laid-back windshield. Also, the wheelbase was made even shorter than its predecessor.

Those seeking more power and speed will be glad to know that the manufacturers increased the horsepower on all the models of the eighth generation. A 1.8 liter SOHC engine powers all the models. The horsepower produced by the engine is about 140 and it further produces a torque of 128 pound-feet. To many Honda Civic enthusiasts, this is a great improvement from previous models. The Civic Si hatchback for example was not very popular amongst car buyers. This was because its performance was disappointing.

The coupe version of the 2006 Honda Civic is even more enticing to anyone planning to purchase a car that is stylish, fast and economical in fuel consumption. The engine in this car is even more powerful reaching up to 197-hp. The car features sport-tuned suspension and is a six-speed manual. The Civic Hybrid Sedan is more suitable for those seeking style and economic fuel consumption alone. The system used in the sedan is like other civics i.e. The IMA (integrated motor assist) system developed by Honda. This system utilizes a 1.3 liter four cylinder engine with a single-overhead cam. Its mileage increases to about 50 mpg with a combined horsepower of up 110. The secret behind the Civics’ fuel efficiency is that the engine is built to shut down when the car decelerates or when it is cruising steadily. The motor therefore propels the car on its own. This is similar to the mechanism employed in the Toyota Prius.

You can start saving money today. Invest in a Honda Civic and start counting the pennies you save. Style and efficiency can go hand in hand. If you thought that saving on fuel would mean buying an old or ugly car, the Honda Company is out to prove you wrong. If you desire to save money, the environment and still look good, go to your nearest car dealer and ask about the 2006 Civic models.

Need to Bullet Proof Your Car?

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An article in the online site, Asylum, written by Dan Soloman, appeared today, November 19, 2009, and began with the line, ‘Family Armor’ Premiers Tonight With Mormons and Bulletproof Cars. The article introduces a new reality television show that features a Mormon family that refits cars with armor to make them bulletproof.

The show is about the Texas Armoring Corporation, a company in San Antonio. The CEO and President of the company is Trent Kimball. His brother-in-law, Jason Forston is the co-manager of the shop.

Currently, Forston and Kimball explained, they are working to armor a 2009 Rolls Royce Phantom. What other kinds of cars do they armor?

Forston said they work on almost any kind of car. He said they work on everything, right on down to a Mini Cooper. They cannot armor something as tiny as a Smart Car, though, because the engine couldn’t support the weight. They include Armored Mercedes, Lexus, Ford, Toyota, Suburban and Trucks.They’ve done very commonplace cars, like a Toyota Camry. They said you would expect that athletes and movie stars would bring in Ferraris and the like, but often they want to drive something that they will blend in with. Armored Cars and armored vehicles such as suv’s and lexus are a growing business.

Forston said that people assume their clients are gangsters and drug dealers. He said that’s not true. Every vehicle they prepare that is to be exported requires the client’s full name and information to be sent to the government. He said they mostly work for celebrities, diplomats, and kings and queens.  He said they do work for a lot of regular people, like doctors, and lawyers, as well.

Kimball drives an Escalade, which isn’t armored. That many change if the new television show makes him a star.

The Article in Asylum goes on to say that they asked Forston who are some of the clients they’ve worked for. He was quoted as saying, “I’d love to tell you, but I can’t. But I’ll tell you what — if you look at the list of the Forbes 100 wealthiest people in the world, you’ll see some of their names.”

Can a family running a car armoring business sustain a reality television show? I guess we’ll see. Forston said we do live in a dangerous world, but unless unless you are a likely target, you can probably get by with just tinting your windows.

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