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March 12, 2014

Some Highlights of Personal Injury Loans

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Personal injury loans, like the name implies, are loans given to those who are involved in personal injury lawsuits and who qualify.  Actually a cash advance against the money you expect to win in your lawsuit, this funding makes it possible to avoid financial stress and pay creditors, medical costs, and other expenses while you wait for your claim to be settled.  Essentially, you can live comfortably and avoid “going broke” while waiting to get the settlement you deserve for the injuries you sustained because of someone else’s negligence.

Must personal injury loans be paid back on a monthly basis?  No.  Unlike conventional bank loans, you will not repay the money monthly with litigation funding.  In fact, you pay nothing at all until your lawsuit has been won and you have your money in hand.  At that time, you will repay the advance along with any fees and/or interest that apply.  Should your attorney fail to win your lawsuit, you will not repay any of the advance because settlement funding is a no-recourse process.

How can I apply?  The application process is a simple one that your attorney must be involved in.  With personal injury loans, if you have bad credit or no credit it makes no difference.  Nor does it make a difference if you are unemployed.  The litigation funding company only wants you and your lawyer to provide information directly related to the lawsuit, such as details of the accident or circumstances that resulted in your injuries, and the injuries themselves.  Your attorney can give you further details of the application process.

Personal injury loans give those who qualify the opportunity to obtain about 10% of their expected settlement.  This means that if your attorney has filed a lawsuit for $240,000, you will likely be advanced about $24,000.  Use the advance to buy groceries, pay household utility bills, or even have your vehicle repaired if it was damaged in the accident causing your injuries.

The process is quick and simple.  Unlike with most other forms of funding, litigation funding is quick and easy.  If you qualify, you will get the money you need almost immediately – usually within 24 hours.  No red tape or mountains of paperwork, no waiting for days or weeks to get the money you so badly need.

Personal injury loans have helped tens of thousands of injured victims avoid financial disaster, foreclosure, and even bankruptcy while waiting for their lawsuit to settle.  Is litigation funding the right solution for your particular situation?  Your attorney can help answer this question, and give you more insight into the process.  It is definitely worth your time and effort to learn more about this type of funding. Contact Mayfield Settlement Funding to learn more!

January 26, 2014

4 Compelling Reasons to Hire an Alexandria Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Whether someone is charged with domestic violence or under investigation for drug distribution, there are some very compelling reasons to hire an Alexandria criminal defense lawyer.  Regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty – a very important fact to remember.  The fact that you have been arrested or even charged with a crime does not mean it’s the end of the road for you – here’s why.

A skilled Alexandria criminal defense attorney can assist you in protecting your legal rights and obtaining the best possible outcome by:

Helping protect you against false or fabricated testimony.  Police are supposed to uphold the law; unfortunately, there are those who may destroy or tamper with evidence in an effort to have you convicted.  Your defense attorney will work to ensure the truth is brought to light, and protect you against testimony which is potentially fabricated.

Examining evidence presented by prosecutors.  Most people fail to realize that evidence brought by the prosecutor may have loopholes or weaknesses which can work to the defendant’s benefit.  When a prosecutor’s argument is weak, a good defense lawyer will assist in securing records which will help bring the truth to light in the eyes of the court.

Helping secure an alternative sentence.  When there is little doubt you will be found guilty or it is determined it would be most beneficial to the defendant to plead guilty or no contest, an Alexandria criminal defense lawyer will help you explore possible alternative sentences, such as diversionary programs.  It may also be to your advantage to work with prosecutors to reach a plea agreement, and thus reduced charges/penalties.  Your attorney will help you decide the best legal approach for your situation.

Getting penalties decreased.  Even seemingly minor crimes such as drug possession or DUI come with stiff penalties which may include steep fines and jail/prison time.  Your Alexandria criminal defense attorney will work to have charges reduced or determine whether you should plead to a lesser charge, thereby reducing the penalties and helping keep you out of jail/prison.

There are dozens of reasons you should consider an experienced defense lawyer when facing charges for a criminal offense.  If you or someone you know has been arrested or is under investigation, consult with an attorney to not only protect your freedom, but your career and reputation as well.  Don’t risk your future!

December 18, 2013

Scottsdale Country Clubs and Real Estate Offer the Ultimate Living Experience

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Sometimes it’s great to experience the best life has to offer, which is what you will find when you choose to live the good life and enjoy Scottsdale country clubs and real estate.  One of the most prestigious cities in the U.S., Scottsdale is where you will find the world’s best in golf courses, upscale homes, and country clubs.  Why settle for average, when you can enjoy a fulfilling, active life and breathtaking surroundings?  Nothing like majestic mountains and desert settings to make you appreciate the true beauty of nature

Country clubs in Scottsdale such as the Desert Lodge Clubhouse at Mirabel offer it all, whether you’re in the mood for a relaxing dinner and drinks, want to indulge in a bit of pampering at the salon/spa, engage in a game of tennis, or simply relax poolside and enjoy your surroundings.  Join up with friends and make a night of it!

As far as the ultimate living experience, Scottsdale real estate is some of the most scenic you will find anywhere today.  Spacious, elegant homes are distinctive and inviting, yet comfortable, a place you’ll want to call home.  Living in an area offering country club amenities and all of the conveniences that make life more enjoyable enhance your existence; neighbors will quickly become good friends.

When life is this grand, you will awake every day with great anticipation about what the day may bring.  Learn more about Scottsdale country clubs and real estate by contacting Mirabel today, and see how much more life you can experience.

August 22, 2013

Philly Airport Parking and Shuttle Services – Before You Travel, Read This!

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Whether you’ve traveled extensively or this is your first time to fly from Philadelphia, the Philly airport parking and shuttle services you choose can make a difference in your overall experience.  Traveling should be fun and enjoyable, but often it begins on a sour note.  Why?  Trying to get a shuttle can be stressful, customer service staff isn’t always the friendliest or most helpful – and you worry about the safety of your vehicle while you’re away.  Before you embark on your trip, read about Philly airport parking and shuttle services, and why you should choose Smart Park.

The fact is, most facilities are in business to make money; they send customer through like they’re herding cattle, and don’t really give customers the attention they deserve.  Our Philly airport parking and shuttle services offer customer service staff who are friendly, courteous and helpful.  We’re glad to answer your questions or guide you in the right direction.

Shuttles can be really annoying, especially when try hard as you may, you cannot get one when you need it.  Have you ever become anxious or stressed out for fear you wouldn’t make it to the airport in time for your flight?  Our shuttles run on demand, which means you can get one instantly.  Our drivers are professional, and will deliver you to the airport in a safe, timely manner.  Even when you arrive back in town, all you have to do is use the courtesy phone located in baggage claim to summon a shuttle.  We’ll be there in 10 minutes (usually less)!

Of course you expect the Philly airport parking and shuttle services you use to keep your vehicle safe and secure; after all, cars today aren’t cheap!  Our facility offers extremely secure parking, whether you choose self or valet parking.  Grounds are brightly lit and securely fenced.  In addition, our staff members make the rounds 24/7, 365 days a year, some walking the grounds, others patrolling by shuttle.  You can rest assured your car won’t be broken in to or vandalized while you’re out of town.

Besides offering the safest parking facilities and dependable shuttles, we also offer free roadside assistance and lock-out service, along with competitive rates.  Why would you spend about the same money for inferior service?  If you’re about to fly out of the Philadelphia airport, choose the most reputable Philadelphia airport shuttle and parking services in the area – Smart Park.

August 20, 2013

Could Settlement Loans Be a Solution to Your Financial Issues?

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If you aren’t sure what settlement loans are or how they work, this article will explain the process in detail.  Actually a cash advance, this type of funding allows plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits who qualify to get an immediate advance against their expected settlement.  While it isn’t right for every situation, litigation funding has helped many people avoid financial disaster while waiting for a lawsuit to settle.

Settlement loans are given by funding companies to those who have a strong, viable lawsuit that will likely win.  This money can be used to pay medical expenses, household bills, attorney fees and other costs while waiting for your lawsuit to settle, which can often take months or longer.  If you are approved, you will get the money you need usually within 24 hours or less.

How do you apply?  In most cases, your attorney will need to agree that this is a good option for you.  If it is, your lawyer will provide the necessary information to the litigation funding company, which includes the details of your injuries, and how they occurred.  Unlike with most other verification processes, there will be no background check, or digging into your credit standing or employment status.

Mayfield Settlement loans are also non-recourse, which is an added benefit for personal injury plaintiffs.  This simply means that you will not be required to repay the advance if for any reason you do not win your lawsuit.  If you do win, you only repay the advance when you obtain possession of your money, along with any applicable fees and interest.  Essentially, you are at no risk financially – and there are no upfront fees or out-of-pocket expenses to worry about.

How much can you get with settlement loans?  Typically you will be advanced about 10% of your expected settlement.  Use the money to pay medical bills, or even to buy groceries.  The whole purpose is to allow you to live comfortably and avoid financial distress or even possible bankruptcy while waiting for your lawsuit to complete.

Unfortunately, injured victims are often the ones who suffer most financially due to medical costs and sometimes lost wages if the injured party is unable to work.  Living for months on a shoestring budget through the course of a lawsuit sometimes just isn’t possible.  Learn more about settlement loans online, or talk to your attorney about the process today to learn if this may be a good solution to your financial issues.

August 15, 2013

PHL Airport Parking and Shuttle Services Offer Reliable, Friendly Service

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It isn’t often today that you come across a business which offer reliable, friendly service – particularly when you’re dealing with PHL airport parking and shuttle services.  All too often, staff members are rude and uncaring.  You may feel the Philadelphia airport shuttle service is lacking, which is understandable when you have a difficult time getting one when you need it.  The security of parking grounds may seem questionable.  In all, it may be the worst aspect of your traveling experience if you choose the wrong facility.  You can avoid this by choosing Smart Park!  Here’s why.

First of all, our customer service staff is the best in the business, always friendly, courteous and helpful.  Our PHL parking and shuttle services have been the recipient of numerous awards for customer service, because our employees are truly focused on customer satisfaction.  You can be sure that your questions will be answered, and that you will never be ignored or treated with indifference.

Second, our parking grounds are extremely safe and secure, so you can put the safety of your vehicle out of your mind while you travel for business or pleasure.  Because the grounds are securely fenced and brightly illuminated, any would-be vandals or thieves would think twice about attempting any wrongdoing.  Our staff members also monitor the grounds around the clock, every day of the year so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that one of your biggest investments is well protected.

Third, our shuttles run on demand.  Shuttles are the biggest problem with many PHL airport parking and shuttle services.  For many travelers, trying to get a shuttle when they need one is the biggest source of irritation.  Even when they arrive back in town, it seems the wait at the airport for a shuttle to come pick them up to return them to their vehicle is way too long.  Our shuttles run on demand, so you’ll never be kept waiting.  Drivers are friendly and helpful, too.

Last but certainly not least, our PHL airport parking and shuttle services offer free roadside and lock-out services, so those little problems don’t become a huge headache.  Frequent Flyer Program for business professionals who travel frequently, great rates, discount coupons on the website.  When you’re looking for reliable, friendly service you can count on every time, depend on Smart Park.  Now, there is simply no excuse for having a bad experience before you ever leave the ground!

Philly Airport Parking and Shuttle Services Focus on Customer Satisfaction

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Wouldn’t it be nice if there were Philly airport parking and shuttle services that focused on customer satisfaction, rather than simply taking the customers’ money and making a profit?  At Smart Park, we are all about the customer, making you happy, keeping your vehicle safe while you’re away, providing excellent customer service and shuttles you can depend on.  In our opinion, the time spent before you board the plane should be relaxed and worry-free!

It’s a sad reality today; many businesses shuttle people in and out like a herd of cattle, never giving them personal service or taking time to answer their questions.  Our Philly airport parking and shuttle services are different.  When you have questions or concerns, our staff is ready to help.  In fact, many of our employees will look familiar to you if you travel often, because turnover is low – you will see the same smiling faces each time you travel, because they love what they do.

Most likely, your biggest concern is keeping your vehicle safe while you are out of town.  We know that even the “cheapest” vehicles today are definitely not cheap.  When you spend thousands of dollars on a car, truck or SUV, you don’t want to have to worry that when you return from your travels your vehicle will be damaged or otherwise vandalized.  Our Philly airport parking and shuttle services provide extremely safe parking, all securely fenced, brightly lit and monitored by staff members all day and night, every day of the year.

What about shuttles?  If this has been the source of many nightmares when you have traveled in the past, no longer is that the case.  Our Philly airport parking and shuttle services offer shuttles which run on-demand, meaning you can get one in an instant.  In fact, a shuttle will follow you as you park your car and you will be delivered to the airport in a safe, timely manner by drivers who are courteous and helpful.

Other services we offer include roadside and lock-out assistance (at no charge), online discounts and a Frequent Flyer Program for business travelers.  In inclement weather, you’ll never have to worry about slipping and sliding out of the parking area, as we keep it clear of snow, ice, mud and other hazards.

Ready for Philadelphia airport parking and shuttle services that truly focus on the customer?  Give Smart Park a try; we believe you’ll be a customer for life.

Personal Injury Loans Can Protect Injured Victims Against Financial Devastation

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If you have been injured in an accident caused by the negligence of someone else and are waiting for your lawsuit to reach completion, you may want to consider personal injury loans.  Injured victims frequently find they are facing huge medical expenses, the number one reason for bankruptcy today.  If you cannot work because of your injuries, it only compounds the problem.  Litigation funding may be a good solution for you; an explanation of how it works can be found below.

What exactly are personal injury loans?  Rather than an actual loan, it is an advance against your expected settlement.  In most cases, if you are approved by the settlement funding company, you can expect an advance of approximately 10% of your anticipated settlement.  So, if you and your attorney expect to be awarded $150,000 when your lawsuit settles, you may be advanced somewhere in the vicinity of $15,000.  This money may be used to pay medical costs, household expenses, attorney fees, etc.

Who qualifies for personal injury / legal financing loans?  Anyone with a strong claim which is likely to win.  Frivolous lawsuits are not accepted.  You or your attorney will submit an application to the funding company; the information requested relates only to the accident that caused your injuries, and the extent of your injuries.  You will never be asked about employment history, credit rating, etc.

How are personal injury loans repaid?  You only repay the advance at the time you win your lawsuit and have your money, plus minimal fees and interest.  With litigation funding, there are never any out-of-pocket expenses to put you further in debt.  Should you not win your lawsuit, you are not required to repay the advance, because the process is non-recourse.  Essentially, you are at no risk financially.

How long will it take to be approved and get an advance?  In most cases, personal injury loans are given within 24 hours of approval.  Once the information is submitted, the litigation funding company will review it right away, usually the same day.  You can get the money you desperately need immediately.

Personal injury loans not only help you avoid financial problems and live comfortably for the duration of your lawsuit, they also help your attorney by having the financial resources to fight aggressively and build a strong case.  Talk to your attorney about the litigation financing process today, and whether it’s right for your situation; it could save your financial future.

August 9, 2013

What Makes PHL Airport Parking and Shuttle Services Stand Apart from the Rest?

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Airport parking at PHL as well as shuttle service companies are often similar in many respects, but there is one that stands apart from the rest for several reasons, including safer parking, better customer service, and shuttles you can rely on – Smart Park.  We’ve been in business for years, earned several awards for outstanding customer service, and there’s good reason why.  We’re simply superior to all the rest, and believe in the best possible customer experience.

How do our PHL airport parking and shuttle services soar above the rest?

Secure parking you can rely on.  Our parking grounds are extremely safe and secure, fenced all around and brightly illuminated for customer safety, and protection of your vehicle.  Our employees walk and drive the grounds around the clock, 365 days each year.  While there are many worries related to traveling, whether or not your vehicle is safe doesn’t have to be one of them!

Shuttles that don’t leave you exasperated.  We understand that shuttles get a bad rap, and for good reason.  It’s frustrating when all you want is a shuttle to get you to the airport in time for your flight, and you can’t find one anywhere – or, they’re all packed to the brim.  Our shuttles run on demand, so they’re always at your disposal.  In fact, our driver will follow you while you park your vehicle, then load your bags and whisk you away to the airport safely, and with ample time left over to make it to your departure gate without running for your life.

Outstanding customer service.  Our PHL airport parking and shuttle services can boast outstanding customer service, something most cannot do today.  In fact, there are few companies in any industry that can brag about their customer service departments!  Our employees are dedicated to one thing – making the customer’s experienced as pleasant as possible by answering questions and addressing any issues you may have.  You won’t find our staff members talking on the phone, playing games on mobile devices, or texting when they should be working.

Not only do we excel in all of these areas, we offer free lockout services and roadside assistance, so you never have to worry should you lock your keys in your car or have a flat tire.  Unlike other PHL airport parking and shuttle services, we don’t just take your money – we’re dedicated to making your travel experience one that is pleasant and relaxed, not filled with worry!

PHL Airport Parking and Shuttle Services That Won’t Leave You Frustrated

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When you travel, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get a shuttle when you want one, being ignored by customer service staff, or worrying that the parking grounds aren’t safe.  When you choose trusted PHL airport parking and shuttle services which put the customer first, you can rest assured that you’ll board the plane in a relaxed mood – and never have to worry about the security of your vehicle while you’re out of town.

Shuttles are a source of frustration for many travelers; when you want to get to the airport right now, seems you can never get a shuttle,, or the only one you see is packed full of passengers.  Even when you get back in town, you’re ready to go – but you have to wait for what seems like forever for a shuttle to arrive to take you back to your car.  Our PHL airport parking and shuttle services offer shuttles that run on-demand.  This means when you’re ready to head to the airport there is a shuttle waiting to take you.  When you return from your trip, 10 minutes is as long as you’ll ever have to wait, and usually not even that long.

What about parking?  You may have the most expensive car ever made, or drive a 1998 Honda Accord.  Regardless, your vehicle is important, an essential part of your life that allows you to get where you need to go.  Our PHL airport parking and shuttle services offer extremely safe, secure parking.  Brightly lit and securely fenced in, staff patrol the grounds day and night so you can be sure that your car, truck or SUV won’t be damaged or broken in to while you’re away on a pleasure or business trip.

Do the PHL airport parking and shuttle services you have been using offer free roadside assistance and lock-out services?  All the way around, we’re customer focused and dedicated to the best possible service, whether you simply  have a question, need guidance, or have a flat tire and need help.  We understand how stressful flying can be for some, and take extra measures to ensure you have a pleasant experience.

Having won awards numerous times for exceptional customer service, we believe you will find out PHL airport parking and shuttle services a notch above the rest, in every area of service.  With Smart Park, it’s all about providing the best possible service to our customers, and keeping your vehicle secure while you enjoy your travels.  Why settle for less?

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